About Green Shores

  • Best Environmental Idea

    Green Shores was the winner of “Best Environmental Idea” to address sea level rise at the 2014 SFU RISE competition and is recognized as a voluntary program that motivates through incentives rather than regulation and, as such, creates an opportunity for all BC residents to get involved.” -DG Blair, Stewardship Centre for BC

  • Sustainable Design

    “The Stewardship Centre’s Green Shores program is an important tool to inform sustainable design and development in coastal areas to help meet complex land-use challenges and achieve multiple goals such as climate resilience, species at risk protection and habitat restoration.” -The Fraser Basin Council

  • Shoreline Protection

    “Green Shores (presents opportunity to)…engage even more residents to get involved in shoreline protection and ‘do away’ with their hard seawalls.” - District of West Vancouver

  • Alternative Solutions

    “The Green Shores program offers an alternative to conventional shoreline protection that can enhance the sustainability of vital coastal ecosystems.” - West Coast Environmental Law

  • Cost Effective

    “Green Shores provides a valuable, resilient, cost effective, green alternative to consider for asset management, finance, emergency management, land use and infrastructure planning matters.” - BC Ministry of Community, Sport, and Cultural Development

Green Shores is a program of the Stewardship Centre for BC that promotes sustainable use of shoreline ecosystems.

People love to live in places where water and land meet. Shorelines provide work, recreation, living space, mild climates and wonderful views. People are not the only ones drawn to shorelines. Due to their diverse resources and habitats, shorelines tend to be biologically rich and productive places.

Unfortunately, many of the natural features that make shorelines so attractive are often the casualty of human activities. Native trees, shrubs and grasses are cleared to make way for buildings, landscaping and views. Bulkheads, docks and piers displace beaches and erode sediments below the water line. Loss of shoreline vegetation allows contaminants to flow directly into the water. Prime wildlife habitats disappear, taking with them birds, mammals, fish and beneficial insects and fish.

The good news is that there are new strategies such as Green Shores for protecting waterfront properties while also protecting and restoring habitats.

-adapted from, Green Shores for Homes Credit and Rating Guide

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How can you use Green Shores?

Green Shores provides options and tools for a wide range of planning, design and construction professionals who are interested in minimizing the environmental impacts of their projects in a cost effective manner.

For home owners and communities, the stories, resources and examples presented here can inspire you to make choices that will be beneficial to everyone in the long term. To learn more about how others have used Green Shores, see Case Studies

Need more information?

If you would like more information about Green Shores programs, please contact us at greenshores@stewardshipcentrebc.ca

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