Green Shores Local Government Group

The purpose of the Green Shores Local Government Group is to enhance the capacity of staff and elected officials who work with landowners and other stakeholders in shoreline planning and protection through the Green Shores program.

This work is especially important in light of climate change adaptation and the need to integrate Green Shores with other key planning and community engagement processes.

Our Services

SCBC offers facilitation and technical support to local governments to assist with implementation of Green Shores (Green Shores for Homes and Green Shores for Coastal Development) in their community.

SCBC can help local governments with:

      – technical support
      – capacity building
      – research
      – community education
      – local action planning
      – community engagement
      – evaluation.

In addition, the SCBC produces, with our partners, a variety of resources on Green Shores such as educational materials, guides, case studies, and other policy documents. Some of these materials are only available to Local Government Group members.

Not yet a member?

Membership in SCBC’s Green Shores Local Government Group connects your community with forward thinking and committed local governments around BC. As one of our local government members, you have the opportunity to engage with like-minded people and collectively take action.

Why join?

    • – Connect with other local governments in BC—to share challenges, best practices, and innovations.
    • – Access our Green Shores resources and technical committees.
    • – Join our Green Shores facilitated community of practice through teleconferences and webinars.
    • – Get technical support for community engagement, education, and planning for Green Shores in your community.
    • – Access an extensive array of resources on Green Shores, including newsletters, case studies, training guides, research reports, fact sheets, as well as policy and practice manuals and frameworks.

Contact Us for more information on how to join our Green Shores Local Government Group.