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  • Green Shores for Homes Pilot Summary Report

    The Stewardship Centre worked with four shoreline communities to identify key barriers and solutions for adopting shore-friendly practices and to determine strategies for successfully implementing the Green Shores for Homes (GSH) project province-wide. A Final Report, Green Shores for Homes Pilot Project Summary Report, provides an overview of the findings.

  • Snap the shore. See the future.

    King Tides offer us a chance to visualize what normal sea levels may look like in the future. The King Tide Photo Initiative captures images of coastlines around the world where infrastructure and ecosystems are vulnerable to flooding due to sea level rise. BC invites citizen scientists along the BC.

  • Green Shores wins the prize for top environmental idea in the RISE competition!

    On the evening of 22 October at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver, the winners of the RISE ideas competition were announced and Green Shores won “Best Environmental Idea.” The competition asked the question: “How can we design Metro Vancouver communities to adapt and thrive in the context of a.

  • New Report Released: Greening Shorelines

     Greening Shorelines to Enhance Resilience:  An evaluation of approaches for adaption to sea level rise.  June 2014.  This report describes the results of an initial study to advance policies and practices in British Columbia and elsewhere, with regard to the use of “soft” shore armouring alternatives within the context of.

  • Green Shores Coastal Development Rating System (CDRS) Demonstration and Training Project Final Report Summary

    Link to CDRS Final Report Green Shores project manager, DG Blair, presented at the 2014 Salish Sea Conference in the session titled: Programs to Incentivize Soft Shorelines. This session included a panel discussion on progress in Washington State and British Columbia to gain voluntary support for soft shore solutions, or.

  • Sea Level Rise Adaptation Primer

    A Toolkit to build adaptive capacity on Canada’s South Coasts.   This report was created for the British Columbia Ministry of Environment in the Fall of 2013.  This Primer provides an introduction to past and future sea level, an overview of four different adaptation strategies, a recommended framework for decision making.

  • Green Shores: a Workshop for Coastal Professionals and Decision-Makers

    On November 5, 2013, the Stewardship Centre for BC hosted the Green Shores Technical Workshop at the Vancouver Maritime Museum in Vancouver.  Participants received information on the Green Shores program, which promotes sustainable use of coastal ecosystems through planning and design. Workshop participants had the opportunity to learn about and.

  • Getting Climate Ready: Adaptation Tools for Coastal Communities

    This workshop was a great opportunity to see how coastal communities on Vancouver Island are preparing for the impacts of climate change and sea level rise. Workshop participants learned about sea level rise projections, tools available to assist local government in adaptation, and what communities are doing to increase their.

  • Green Shores™ Community Workshop

    Our Green Shores Community Workshop was of special interest to community conservation and stewardship organizations. A panel discussion began the evening, sharing information on the applications of the Green Shores program, which promotes sustainable use of coastal ecosystems through planning and design. Following the panel, participant roundtable discussions provided opportunity.

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